Ayurveda’s Role in Nutrition & Mental Health

The paradigm of modern thinking in chronic conditions in mental health is the outcome of many causes with multiple effects and the ideal outcome would be to treat the root cause.

Emerging science is fast acknowledging that nutrition plays a major role in our optimum mental wellbeing. The phrase food is medicine rings true to this day. Modern medicine in its role in treating acute illnesses has made advances, such as chronic conditions like depression.

Evidence-based research is fast recognising that nutrition plays an important role in the recovery and maintenance of mental wellbeing.

The World Health Organisation has forecast that by 2030 depression will play a major role in disabilities and that 50% of physical disabilities will be seen as depression in those people.

This new era in integrated medicine within psychiatry is beginning to see nutrition playing a major role in recovery and maintenance.

The concept of person-centred integrated approach (Holistic) and treating the root cause is fast becoming the norm in treating chronic conditions. This is Ayurveda in essence.

Emerging research in psychiatry is progressively showing that nutrition plays an important role in a person’s mental wellbeing and is by far the safest and the best route to a person’s overall wellbeing. Physical mental and spiritual outlining optimum health recovery. Again, this has always been the goal in Ayurveda.


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The Gut-Brain Axis

It is considered through modern scientific research that 90% of all nutrients that promote a person’s wellbeing are generated in the gut. the microbiota and hormones that dictate our mental wellbeing such as Serotonin, endorphins are all generated in the gut and interact with the brain via the vagus nerve.

Presentation – https://prezi.com/view/Aw3VugI9qKoDtzcYJV3G/

Our Clinic

In our clinics and to support evidence-based research we have adopted a structured functional medicine approach using the Ayurvedic systematic principles to give an optimum approach. Hence giving the best of the two sciences for overall wellbeing whilst focusing on mental wellbeing recovery.

Working in association with a team of some prominent Consultant Psychiatrists, Nutritionists and MD’s our clinic has developed unique protocols for your optimum overall wellness.

Using Functional medicine structure and Ayurvedic systematic principles and blending the best of two approaches for your recovery to optimum Wellness.

What To Expect At Our Clinic?

Appointment 1 -The consultation
A structured person-centred integrated approach to functional medicine Ayurveda is stage one of the recovery plans.

Appointment 2
Review and recommendations are stage two of the recovery plan.

Appointment 3
Review and recommendations with a diet replan your protocol.

Appointment 4 & 5
Assessment review and recommendation.

Appointment 6
Review appointment. 

Please note: detailed information can be obtained why are our website email or direct call.