Short Courses 

Applying Ayurveda techniques to Maximise life potential 

Exciting dynamic learning workshop incorporating Vedic and ayurvedic principles in our daily life bringing balance and optimising our physical, psychological and spiritual self.


  • Ayurvedic History & Philosophy 
  • Ayurvedic Principles  
  • Applications of Ayurvedic Principles 
  • Diet & Nutrition 



  • Healing with Herbs 
  • Stress & Lifestyle Management 
  • Health & Health Promotion 
  • Massage and Bodyworks 


The aims of the course are to gain an understanding of the foundation pathway of Ayurveda and its principles through the core modules and to explore the four practical skill sets used in Ayurvedic complementary health practice. With these skills, we can improve our own lives as well as helping those around us to benefit. 



Foundation Course in Ayurveda 

“Developing Cognitive and Practical Skills for Holistic Well-being” 

(Under discussion with College of Ayurveda for formal qualifications) 



Saturday or Sunday once a month: 

Morning Session 10am to 1pm 



£360 for six lectures 



To be confirmed. 

The venue in Welwyn Garden City is easily located and provides a good learning environment. It has ample free parking, disabled access and wheelchair accessible toilets. 

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